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About Talking Trees

Our aim is to keep alive the old ways, celebrate the seasons and pass on the wonderful eccentricities of our isles and so we developed the Country Wisdom & Folklore diary as a way to do this.

'I have collected folklore since a very young age and have always been fascinated by tales, traditions and superstitions, this combined with a love of history and liking to chat to people has amassed to a library full of very old books, notebooks full of information I have gathered, thousands of miles of journeying throughout the British Isles and a desire to share and keep alive the eccentricities, ways and wisdom with others. My being acknowledged as a folklore 'expert' and providing information for newspapers, radio stations and even the BBC web page is a truly privileged position. I regularly give talks and workshops all around the country and collect even more folklore whilst doing this ! I have previously been funded by the arts council  to develop a project that in essence explored witchcraft and persecution called 'Medgel- portrait of a witch' which enabled me to work with storytellers and film-makers and to take the story out to people at a series of venues. It was amazing being able to do this. I am very fortunate to be involved with something I am passionate about and would like to thank you for being interested and wanting to keep the old ways alive and celebrate the year with me.'

Anne Marie x

We are often asked how did we get the name Talking Trees .....the answer is the Talking Trees are a special place in Cornwall , near a sacred well. The walk to the well and ancient ruined chapel takes you past a 'cloughtie' tree.

you then arrive at the well and chapel, a lovely space, full of energy and yet serene.

Beyond the chapel is a tree lined avenue, that go 'clickaty, clack', as if talking to each other, telling each other old stories and remembering what they had seen and and so we named them the Talking Trees. This place is still very special to us and a must visit every time we return to Cornwall, where we used to live. The sound on a breezy day is amazing, it seems as if they know we have returned.  

So when we were trying to think what could we name our little publishing company, my daughter Rose, said what about naming it after the talking trees, which seemed so appropriate, as we too wanted to tell stories, remember the old ways and celebrate the seasons and so we had our name !

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