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Country Wisdom &  Folklore 2024 Diary

Country Wisdom & Folklore 2024 Diary


Our 2024 Country Wisdom & Folklore Diary will help you celebrate the seasons, the quirky customs & traditions of the British Isles and Mother Nature whilst giving you plenty of space to write your own special celebrations, appointments and notes. Our slightly smaller than A5 at 207 x 141mm, Week to a page, full-colour diary is packed full of folklore snippets and sayings which we hope you will share with others and in doing so help keep alive a heritage that we are in danger of forgetting. We also include sun & moon rise and set times, solstices, equinoxes and other special days that have a history of being marked in some way. Photos, pictures, recipes, stories and poems are also threaded throughout to complete our ‘tapestry’ of country wisdom & folklore. 
As always we try to tread a gentle path on our mother earth and so we use UK-sourced Edixion FSC uncoated paper and card stock which is bound as a paperback thereby minimising production heavy bindings that have an environmental impact. Our diary has no micro-plastic coating and is 100% recyclable, and this year we have produced our diary using Carbon Balanced paper & card.

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