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2022 Featured Artist - Lucy Carmel

Lucy Carmel is a Shropshire based folk textile artist who loves using natural materials and traditional hand stitch techniques to make nature-inspired pieces. She has been sewing since she was 8 years old and loves to pass on her skills in workshops to keep alive traditional ways of working using textiles. Her home & studio is in a rural spot where she often watches hares playing in the old farmyard and surrounding fields, ducks and hens going about their daily business.

Inspired by her surroundings she makes Carmel Creatures, a range of soft toys from her original designs based on countryside animals which she sells at a few select outlets.

The little Harebells she is making exclusively for us are decorative little charms to hang up in your home. Made from pure wool fabric, hand-stitched and embroidered. Please see our shop to purchase one or send us a message to request one to be made especially for you.












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