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Super Blue Moon

And so we have the second full moon of the month making it a blue moon and due to its proximity to the earth its a whopper !

'I see the moon the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me,' is a little rhyme that passed through our family together with turning a coin in our pocket when we saw the full moon.

The saying 'Once in a Blue Moon,' means something happens infrequently although this year we have two Blue Moons with March being a double full moon month. The Blue Moon being on March 31st. We also have no full moon at all in February. So if you are feeling a little 'loony' by the time we get to April then the unusual moon patterns that we have to start this year may have a lot to do with it !

The Latin word Luna, meaning Moon, forms the origin of the words 'lunacy', 'lunatic' and 'loony'. The 1842 Lunacy Act defined a 'Lunatic' as 'a demented person enjoying lucid intervals during the first two phases of the Moon and afflicted with a period of fatuity in the period following after the full Moon.'

The Full moon was meant to have curative powers. This old Cornish remedy to remove warts is one such example.

Simply catch the full moon’s rays in a reflective bowl and wash your hands in it whilst saying: I wash my hands in this thy dish, O man in the moon, do grant my wish, And come and take away this.'

Much Magick is assigned to the moon cycles and particularly when at its most potent when full.

It is used as a time to 'charge' items and ingredients used in folk magick. Many capture the moon in bowls of water and use that water throughout the month.

Pliny the Elder, stated in his 'Natural History' that the Moon “replenishes the earth; when she approaches it, she fills all bodies, while, when she recedes, she empties them.” Many agricultural activities have been associated with the phases of the moon from when best to put up fences (the dark moon) to digging your horseradish (full moon) and of course there is the practice of moon planting for all garden activities from weeding, sowing, harvesting and mowing.

I think it is wonderful that we still look to our moon with awe and love. If you haven't already done so go and look at her in her glory tonight and give her greeting.

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