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Ways to Welcome Spring

The much awaited time of the first day of spring arrives with the vernal equinox, and is known by some as Ostara as part of the Wheel of the Year celebrations. This astronomical occasion should not go unnoticed as we now visibly have more daylight and good days interspersed with some still wintery days, having an overall feeling that we are ‘getting there’.

So what to do to welcome spring ? Well firstly say  ‘Phew, that’s a relief - I got through winter!’. For many the lingering of winter can be very difficult regardless of all the Hygge tips we are now privy to. Although this year’s winter hasn’t been as harsh the grey, cold wind and rain, days have felt too long making us long for colour.

Spring is a time to spot the unexpected like this lovely spoonbill on a breezy day and feeling chuffed to be there in it's presence.

So the second top tip to welcome spring is be in the moment and see what spring brings. Spring is all about joy.

Just look at this lovely little blackcap enjoying a snack.

The third thing you can do is listen to spring. Open up your windows or take a walk, as well as letting some fresh air into your home or lungs you will notice the increase in birdsong. Early morning or at dusk are the best times to hear the chorus of spring.

The chiff-chaff is one of the earliest of summer migrants to arrive and for many hearing the ‘chiff-chaff’ call, even though not the most tuneful and complex of bird calls, marks springtimes arrival.

Four, is to feel the difference. If you go outdoors there is a palpable different feeling happening throughout nature. Let it intoxicate you. The sun may be shining, even if briefly, feel its warmth and its light. There is a sense of expectation in the air, we are ‘under starters orders’ and nearly ready for ‘off’.

The fifth suggestion is to mark this time. A lovely thing to do is make a garland or wreath to adorn your front door, and bring a bit of joy for all who pass and see your creativity. Baking is also a top activity, using all the ingredients of this time of the year, and the last of the winter jams and curds for sweet tarts with custard or cream. You could make Homity pie or quiches, maybe even baking a hot cross bun as we near Easter. Perhaps start a springtime nature-noting journal to record the delights you share in as Mother Earth awakens.

Finally - if you are able the top tip is to go outdoors, look at the blossom, the lime coloured greening of the hawthorn, see the buds on trees just waiting to burst and unfurl leaves, witness the hedgerow coming to life, the host of yellow daffodils nodding their heads and if you are lucky see the hares positively bounding with life, the first glimpses of hibernators such as bats, bees and hedgehogs testing if spring really is here and our resident birds nest building and serenading their partners and us.

Spring’s arrival really is something to welcome, whether in a small or big way, make time to feel a little bit of the joy it brings and the promise of more to come.

And perhaps leave the spring cleaning to another day!

Wishing you the joy of springtime in your life  xx

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Thank you, I enjoy these little photo journals, and yes, spring is really here. It makes me happy to see everything waking up in the garden


Very uplifting Thankyou xx


Mar 19

Wonderful 😆

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